After a general warm up, proceed to the specific warm up in accordance to one of these cases:

  • If it is your first time with this kind of workouts or you don’t have a previous reference, then the specific warm up will also be your workout. First perform many sets of intermittent finger hangs with the same number of repetitions and effort:rest ratio as defined in the workout. Your goal is, for each grip position, to progressively get close to the intensity that you would use during the exercising phase, and that would correspond to the hold size and weight making you reach muscle failure within the range of sets proposed for your level. We’ll call it reference intensity (RI).
    Begin with a hold size and weight (usually a counterweight) allowing you to easily perform a full set. Progressively increase the intensity of the hangs keeping in mind you’re looking for the RI. If you reach the minimum number of sets (half of those indicated in the description of the workout, which are the maximum), and feel you can do more, then continue increasing the intensity on the next ones. If on the contrary, you feel you won’t be able to reach that minimum number of sets, lower the intensity to achieve at least that.
    Preferably, try to adjust the intensity by modifying the size of the holds. If you are working on slopers, since the R-evolution board only has 2 choices for this, then do the extra adjustments by modifying the weight.
    Repeat this procedure with all the grips of the workout to find their corresponding RI and in the Editor enter manually the hold size and weight found for each one of them.
  • If you already have RIs from a previous session, then perform 2-4 sets of intermittent finger hangs using the first grip position of the workout, at the effort:rest ratio defined for it, progressively getting close to the corresponding RI. You don’t necessarily need to do all the repetitions of each set, but we advise you to do so in the last one of the warm up. You don’t neither need to rest between sets as long as indicated, since the work intensities will be lower than in the exercising phase. However, always recover enough to avoid reaching muscle failure during the warm up.
    After completing it, restart the counter of sets in the Timer by tapping on rewind and rest for 5′ before proceeding to the workout. Once done with the first grip, don’t perform a new warm up for each subsequent ones, just rest for the time indicated by the Timer between them. The RI for each one of them will be that determined during the first session (or the previous one). Make any adjustment to maintain yourself within the proposed range of sets if you need to, and at the end of the workout enter manually the new hold sizes and weights in the Editor to have references for the next session.


General warm up

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