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Our Company
We produce and sell Climbing Holds and Training Tools all around the world since 2009. We produced more than half million holds last year. Our catalog is always changing, currently we provide more than 1700 different shapes.
Our Material
The Polyurethane formula what we are using is directly developed for Climbing Hold producing. We have spent many many years increasing the lifetime and the color brightness of our products keeping our prices as they are.
Free Shipping
We offer free Shipping for orders over 300€ to: Deutschland, France, Italy, Hungary, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Austria, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland.
  • Size Extra Large. Designed by UK shaper, Padstar Holds, the SKYLINE family have been developed for steep walls and roof problems. The contact area is positive and deep enough for up to one and a half joints, these feature sized holds are sure to please and have lots of potential on all wall angles and grades. Bolt free screw-on placement and large enough...

  • Size Medium to Large. 4 Holds in this set. Designed in the UK by Padstar. These are the smaller members of the SKYLINE family. In-cut, positive and finger friendly, these holds are perfect for steep walls and roofs. Screw-on only placement totally eliminating the chance to pinch the bolt hole.

  • 4 holds in this set. Size Extra Large. These designs by Dai Koyamada have a hidden, positive and rounded hole as the contact area which is very comfortable to hold. You can use these shapes on every wall of your gym and across a huge range of grades while setting. Dai has a proven record, and these additional members of the Kurage family, will not...

  • 20 holds in this set. Size Extra Small. Discover the CHICKPEAS, a wonderful set of small and exceptionally hard to hold shapes. These new holds make great foot holds and being screw-on only, they have endless setting potential not forgetting the very swish DUALTEX that allows you only one way to use them. Are they very small pinches or exquisite foot...

  • 6 holds in this set. Size Large. The Large members of the KURAGE family by Dai Koyamada, these holds have the same design element, as the other members of the Kurage Family, a hidden, positive and rounded comfy hole. You can use them on every wall of your gym and across a huge range of grades while setting. Dai has a proven record and these holds will not...

  • 12 Holds in this set. Ferran Guerrero of Psyco Art Holds is the creator of this new family of incredible buckets with anAmerican touch and double texture. The volume allows two-handed grip, which is comfortable witha very generous rounded radius that will delight the most fanatical climbers. Great for all setting andclimbing styles.

  •  This is the second feature hold of the BOROBIL family, this time with a pair of holes, allowing you to pinch with both hands. Patxi Basarte has designed this rounded shape with Dual-Tex characteristic that forces the climbers to move to the next level of accuracy while also allowing route-setters to adjust the difficulty for competitions and regular...

  • This is the XXL shape of the Borobil family. Incredible double texture, bright on the outside making itimpossible to use for feet and on this one, the inside big enough to hold with both hands and makeuse of the perfect texture.

  • 2 holds in this set. Size Extra Extra Large.Sandstone rails from Psyco Art. These shapes work on various wall angles and remain positive due tothe perfectly shaped contact areas. These are the ideal holds for crux sequences on boulderproblems and routes and will be good on steep walls due to the jug like grip.

  • The XL size components of the Borobil family with incredible dual texture, bright on the outsidemaking it difficult to use for easy feet or double handing, along with the perfect texture on theinside, Dual Texture allows you to adjust the difficulty of the problems, forcing accuracy andcommitment.

  • 2 holds in this set.More super cool Low Jugs from Psyco Art. These have the look and the function and will work on all your boulders and routes that require modern, big hold pulling, be it on easy grades or dynamic Comp’ style lines.

  • 3 holds in this set.Ferran Guerrero has added an American twist to this new family. The proportions are perfect and the Dual-Tex suits this awesome design. Incredible Jugs, with infinite route-setting possibilities on pronounced overhangs. Low Jugs are the quality and originality we have come to expect from Psyco Art.