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  • Evolve. Take a step forward in your campus workouts with the new Klettonik campus rung.

     In a traditional campus rung, it does not take so much precision to reach the next grip. The Super rung requires a substantial improvement of the coordination.

    Thanks to its asymmetrical design, it combines monos, bi and tri-fingers,  with the same distance of shoulder separation.


    Discover the comfort of rounded holes, the perfect inclination at 12º and the soft waves that help you to positioning your fingers, to apply all the force safely. (Thanks to these waves, we get a maximum area of ​​contact with the skin, which allows us to work safe and  more comfortable.

    - The dark color of the front creates a high visual contrast between the holes and the rest of the wood, increasing your level of precision in the specific exercises of holes, both in the up and down movements.

    .- The top can be used as a traditional campus rung, is also cut with a  12º angle, and  perfectly rounded to allow long training sessions without damaging the skin.

  • MaterialBeech Wood
    Recommended Screws (Not included)Wood Screws 5x50mm
    DesignerToni Sánchez (Klettonik)
    Number of Holds1
    Training Tool TypeCampus rungs