User guide


Holds must be installed on a flat surface and the base of the hold should fit flush with the panel/wall.

Always use the recommended diameter bolts (M10) and the appropriate length for safe fixing. Although our holds support diameter M8, they are not certified for this type of fixing. Always use M10!

It is necessary and ESSENTIAL to use the anti-spin screw. Unexpected hold rotations are avoided. Breakage and accidents are greatly reduced.

Holds should be placed in the appropriate place according to their shape.
(A Hold designed for roof or overhang is a very positive hold and you mustn't be use on a Slab, because it may be harmful to the climber during a fall).

Install holds on wood panels with a thickness of 18 -20mm with corresponding certified T-nuts.

CENTRAL SCREW TORQUE                                               

Tightening torque for the M10 central bolt is important for several reasons:

• Must be high enough so that it is firmly attached, while preventing rotation of hold.

• It should not be excessive, because the hold may break or damage the anchor points of the structure.

Depending on the size of Hold, find here the length of the screw and the recommended torque.



All EUROHOLDS Holds, have one or more anti-spin pre-drilled holes, these holes accept wood screws, generally 50mm in length. After fixing the hold with central M10 bolt it is necessary to fix in place with at least one of the anti-spin screws. This will avoid completely the possibility of rotation or displacement of the hold during the use.
* These secondary anti-spin screws should be set carefully, and always finish by hand as excessive tightening could break the hold(s).


To effectively clean the holds we advise cleaning with specific washer liquid or with jet wash. Higher temperatures can potentially damage the holds and affect colour, we recommend temperatures to not exceed 50 degrees C.