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Dear customers, at this section you have access to a simple and fast way to make your orders or send us your budgets for quotation.  Specially created for wholesale, gyms and distribution accounts, our online order form allows you a fast view over all the catalogue, and order a big amount of products fast, easy and securely.

After register and log in, you are ready to access to the form, with all the products, and a lot of interesting information such as Total amount spent, Total of holds per size and per color, Total weight, etc…

Once the order is finished you have 2 options:

1.-Finalize it and make the checkout through our usual payment methods (only if you are from the UE zone)

2.-Send the order to us for final quotation with shipping costs, discounts and taxes applied if necessary*.

*With the second option we will receive the order at the office and will send a final budget to you within the next 24h



*In case you have a valid European VAT number or you are ordering from out of the UE zone, send us a mail to and we will change your account to show you the prices without taxes

**If you are a Gym, distributor or big customer ask us about your discount, we will add the details to your account and you will see the prices with the discount applied every time.


Apart from that, you can download our International Excell order sheet as before. It allows to prepare the order offline, with Microsoft excel software.

Once the order is ready, please send it to and we will make a final quotation with discounts, shipping costs*, and taxes if necessary. (Remember we can send all around the world).

THE FREE SHIPPING OFFER is only valid for the orders paid through the webshop, in the UE zone, not for the excell sheet.   Ordering through this excell sheet, is a useful tool only for big orders or non european customers, in any other case orders may be done through the webshop.