Europur Polyurethane

EUROPUR (Hybrid polymer) POLYURETHANE __________

EUROPUR (Hybrid Polymer) POLYURETHANE __________

Polyurethane is a material highly resistant to tension and compression. However, we must be careful because not all polyurethanes are the same. There are many types and formulas of this product, designed for different uses, each with specific values ​​of compression strength, tensile strength and surface hardness (very important for durability). There are some with a plastic touch which quickly loses its texture, whereas others are very rigid/brittle and crack easily.

EUROHOLDS, thanks to their joint work with one of the largest European manufacturers of polyurethane, have succeeded in the creation of a formula specific to the needs of climbing holds  based on hybrid polymers**. This high quality PU is EXCLUSIVE to EUROHOLDS  and is standard across all ranges/brands of holds.

With this formulation, we have maintained the rock texture, typical of old resin holds with mineral fillers, making it impossible to differentiate once bolted to the wall, but also achieving twice the surface hardness, therefore prolonging the product lifespan.

*The Europur Material is produced only for our Factory. Only the members of Euro-Holds group take benefit of this formula (* The new technology EUROPUR, based on hybrid polymers, is incredibly harder and more resistant to abrasion than ever.