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- Ferran Guerrero (Psyco Art) -


Ferran Guerrero

Years: 40

Years Shaping: 20

Ferran Guerrero, designer and owner of Psyco Art Holds, first and foremost as an artist, whether designing climbing holds, working on wood or making tree prints where he has found great recognition with his work.

Full-time creative, maniacal, obsessive with creation, perfectionist in details, in love with silence, folk and everything that brings naturalness to a design. Solitude and abstraction are important to achieve excellent designs and that happens because of that antisocial point in which Ferran is so comfortable.

We are recovering the essence with which Psyco was born. The essence has not changed, and we have grown as designers, we will continue working to grow more and more every day. 

Psyco is a cultural movement which means everything, it is not only the boulder, it is everything that surrounds us and everything is connected to the mental power, to the creativity of the movement, to the pure and open thought, without obstacles, without barriers, without limits ...

Psyco is the essence that surrounds us, it is the small ones that have made Psyco exist, all the sensations of the world become part of Psyco.

Psyco was born long after my first creations. I never imagined that I would have the creativity to dedicate myself to this, one never thinks about it, it just comes out, flows and becomes an obsession and one thing leads to the other. Since my beginnings as a climber has taken me to absorb all the information that there is about morphology, textures, formations, curiosities, etc., hence I have been developing this creative process.

Ferran Guerrero

  • 1998- Design what would be my first climbing hold, influenced by Jordi Salas Cervera "Pelon", who had recently landed from the USA, and began with the design and manufacture of American-style holds
  • 2003- After a few years working in different gyms, between 2003 and 2005 Psyco was born. The idea was to offer something different, something that goes out of the ordinary, Laia becomes one of the thinking minds of such process , I begin to experiment with hollow-back holds when they did not exist here, textures and morphology, the closest thing to the shapes that rocks offer us.
  • 2005- “Bloc area” is born, and i joined this company. For months we are dedicated to the design of holds in a compulsive way. From that time there are some designs that even today fill the walls and I am proud of everything i come to learn, but above all in the way i mature as a designer.
  • 2007 to 2010- I follow a creative process looking at things from a distance and there is a long break, where I structure everything I want to take shape, I prefer to wait.
  • 2010 Gargola Climbing is born and they offer me the opportunity to redesign for them without limits, they redefine the concept "hold", to call it “Art Hold”, from there Psyco Art Hold is reborn, more mature, more creative, more innovative.
  • 2010 Different media in the network already name me as one of the important designers of holds in Europe.
  • 2011 I work as a Freelance for more than 40 different companies dedicated to the manufacture of holds, from leading companies to small companies that are starting or little known.
  • 2011 - 2013 More than 4000 designs come to light and the creative state in which I find myself is an authentic ecstasy.
  • 2013 - Psyco Art Holds is born as a company. We created the website for the sale of holds and from here I designed the most popular forms of larger format, mostly thinking about competitions and bouldering, during this period I continue designing for other companies, such as So ill, Rokodromo, Scorpion Holds, La Chiva , etc.
  • 2018 - Psyco Art Holds is a consolidated company in the national and international market, with more than 6000 designs. Currently now, designs exclusively for Psyco, focused on the minimalist and organic design that is his preferred style, offering shapes by all already known through the leader industry sales platform, EUROHOLDS.com.