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- David Cross (Padstar) -


David Cross

Age: 47

Years Bouldering: 28

Years Shaping: 5

I got into hold design by happy accident. One day I switched on the internet and there before me on the screen was the most amazing hold I had ever seen. It turned out to be a design by Master Shaper, Ferran Guerrero from Psyco Art Holds. At this time I was shaping surfboards so I grabbed an off cut of board foam and shaped a hold, then another and another. I showed my work to Ferran, he loved my shapes and gave me much encouragement to continue.

After a couple of false starts I found a natural home with the Euro Holds Group and today I feel very lucky to be involved and a part of the group. It’s very reassuring to know the guys have my back and are there to make my molds and manufacture my shapes, using advanced processing and state of the art resin.

My inspiration is a mix of art driven visual design and my many years of bouldering outside on rock. Bouldering moves, real and imagined are the key stone to developing new shapes. I try and include as much realism into my holds as possible while maintaining a modern element to the design. Texture and finger friendly safety are very important as I aim to produce 3 star shapes.
I hope you all enjoy pulling hard on my climbing holds.
David Cross.