EUROHOLDS was created in 2009 as a factory for the production of climbing holds by two friends and climbers under the name of Rokodromo.

Thanks to its good work, constant development, endless investigation and improvement of the products, Rokodromo began to grow quickly and be known throughout the industry. At the start we contacted some of the best shapers of the moment (Ferran Guerrero from Psycoartholds or Patxi Basarte from Hitoholds) offering to make their designs - this was the original seed of EUROHOLDS.

Currently, EUROHOLDS is based in Valencia (Spain) and has a fully automated polyurethane injection and polyester composites production plant of nearly 1,500m2, where more than 2,500 different hold models are manufactured daily, designed by a group of shapers among which are some of the most recognized in the world.

Our company firmly believes in the maximum welfare of its employees, and for this, we invest constantly in the improvement of our facilities, prioritizing safety against the rest of the factors, we are always aware of the work/life balance of our employees and their families.
We firmly believe in the maxim "Take care of the employees, and they will take care of the company"

We use exclusive avant-garde materials thanks to constant research with our suppliers, laboratories and universities, which positions our products as a reference point worldwide, in issues such as quality, safety and durability.


“ Nous sommes des fabricants officiels, autorisés par la IFSC - Fédération Internationale d’Escalade – et nous travaillons jour à jour pour croître, ajoutant en permanence , de nouvelles créations originales à notre catalogue , satisfaisant les clients les plus exigeants.”

In addition to this, and due to the high demand for wooden training tools for climbing, EUROHOLDS has developed in recent years a new production plant specializing in this type of product. Right now we are able to produce almost any design based on wood thanks to 3D design, numerical control machines and laser cutting and engraving.

We sell our products throughout Europe through our online platform, and distribute to the five continents through our own international distribution network.

We work every day to continue growing by adding new designs to our catalog permanently as well as satisfying the most demanding clients.