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- Patxi Basarte (Hito) -


Patxi Basarte

Years: 40

Years Climbing: 20

Everything started at the beginning of 2010, when we had to select a bunch of holds for our home wall… then I discovered an exciting world. The climbing hold design.

I was a lucky man meeting Ferrán Guerrero (PSYCO ART HOLDS), one of the best designers in the world. We started with several emails, comments on Facebook, always with thousands of questions that Ferrán answered with great patience. Thanks Ferrán!
For 3 years, I worked tirelessly to improve my designs, I got more natural, realistic, organic designs, closer and closer to what I considered a high quality design. The work bears fruit, people begin to take interest in my designs, companies of national and international scope. It is the support I needed to take the final step and set myself the goal of creating my own brand of climbing holds, (HITO HOLDS).
Currently now, Hito holds has many different ranges of holds (we prefer call families), with which you can set incredible and very versatile routes. Due to our association with the EUROHOLDS GROUP Factory, you can see our designs on climbing gyms all around the world, with an impressive quality, with the best finishes, with exclusive polyurethane formula and a range of spectacular colors, that motivates me to keep going with best designs everytime
I will continue creating new shapes and new textures for all you to enjoy indoor sport climbing.

Patxi Basarte, designer of HITOHOLD